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To provide professional quality garage & power equipment at a fair price with superior service

The BigBoysGarageToys, LLC Story

The idea for this website started in early 2009 as I was preparing to build a detached garage to restore an early model Jeep. I wanted this garage to have everything that I would need for this project and the future projects I hoped to complete with my two sons. As I planned the budget for the actual construction and required garage equipment I was continuously looking for the best deals out there only to be disappointed at the costs for quality equipment.

I had experienced this same frustration about 5 years earlier when I contracted my own house. My solution at that time was to get a merchant certificate and become a dealer for the products that I wanted to install. I was able to save a substantial amount of money for myself and my friends who also wanted the products that I now dealt. I figured that if it worked once then it probably would work again. I was right.

Word spread among my friends and co-workers about the great deals I was able to get on what my wife called my garage toys. My friends and co-workers have the same interests as I do so wanted to take advantage of these deals on toys of their own. The companies I pursued dealerships with manufactured the products that my friends and I desired. As the number of requests grew, I began to realize that my initial desire to save money was a great business opportunity so I started

My desire to start a company is the same as everyone else’s, to earn money. This can happen one of two ways; by making a very large profit on a few items or making a small profit on a large number of items. My business model is built on two principles: 1) small mark-ups on a large number of products 2) to ensure that everyone that provides an answer to a customer’s questions is knowledgeable and helpful.

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