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Tuxedo - WB-CB66-VE

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Tuxedo WB-CB66-VE Wheel Balancer accommodates large rims up to 28" in diameter and overall wheel diameters up to 44" - Shipping to lower 47 states - not for sale in CA

  1. User Friendly Operation - LED, touch-panel Keypad with easy to read icons assisting operators utilizing all balancing functions.
  2. Large Rim Diameter Balancing - able to balance up to 28” Rim diameter & 44” overall Wheel Diameter.
  3. Multi-Mode Vehicle Balancing - standard with SUV, Car & Motorcycle balancing modes.
  4. Low-RPM Operation - at 140 RPM, the balancer’s life is further extended for sensitive electronics & moving components, all while providing highly accurate wheel balancing.
  5. Ease-Of-Use - with manual measurement input for distance & diameter with 5 ALU Standard modes and 2 ALU Smart modes.
  6. Exclusive Laser Indicator - lights up automatically at the unbalance weight position under ALUS mode in the 6 o’clock wheel position.
  7. Integrated Measurement Acquisition Wand - allows for ease of acquiring measurement data with a retractable, stylish measuring tool, integrated into the machine.
  8. Light Indicator - illuminates inside of wheel automatically at the unbalanced weight position, for improved wheel weight applications.
  9. Foot Pedal Braking System - conveniently secures the wheel in the unbalanced position to accurately apply balance wheel weights.
  10. Extra Long, Heavy Duty Balancing Shaft - the 12" long, 40mm diameter balancing shaft accommodates wide range of wheels, including unique aftermarket wheels of different sizes & shapes.
  11. Speed-Nut Mounting - the Speed-Nut allows for quick & efficient wheel mounting, easily securing the wheel to the spindle with convenient lead-in screw.
  12. Multi Pocket Wheel Weight Shelf - 14 articulated pockets, over 1.5" deep, allowing plenty of storage for weights & tooling.
  13. Large Wheel Shroud - the large 38” wheel hood prevents debris from flying off the tire while in use.
  14. Power Saving Mode - automatically puts machine in stand-by mode after 5 minutes of non-usage.

Tuxedo brand shipping fees are determined and collected after check out.

If you do not have a loading dock, unloading your order might require a liftgate. You can choose to have the item shipped to a local terminal, residence, or commercial address.

  • PICK-UP AT TERMINAL: If you do not have the means to unload the item from a freight truck you can pick it up at a local terminal. The freight company will load the item onto your trailer so you can transport and unload the trailer at your convenience.
  • RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY: You will need a method to unload the item from a freight truck.
  • COMMERCIAL DELIVERY: You will need a method to unload the item from a freight truck.


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